does anyone really read my blog or am i just writing on the computer for no apparent reason and making my eyes worse than they already are? i really dont like glasses(in other words i hate it..) I mean.. u can bearly do anything without them..and then u cant do everything with them.. especially outdoor stuff. AND I KNOW there is a thing that there is a thing called contact lenses but......i feel trapped in my glasses..i feel that i always will need support and all............but still..does anyone really read my blog?(other than dad)
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i need to read at least 1 goood looongg book before my brother comes home. does anyone know any??please?? i read almost all good books on the school library and my dad works during the day and my mom sometimes gets a bit lazy to take me to the local one. have u ever read any books that has a person who doesn't want to take u somewhere because they want to be with u and not with u apparently doing something that ur pretend conversation has nothing to do with it(like reading??) anyway, post a comment on this post (in case u don't know..its in the bottom of this on the side it says Comment)of all the good books u know because my brother will be home from India soon and i will never get a chance to read more than 31minutes(EXACTLY!) so please??
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SSA! The writing test wasnt THAT bad... it was a good prompt but i really didnt know what to write about. I started day dreaming and all than i got an idea to write about when i went to the taj mahal. I got my report card last week and was SO close to getting an honor roll:( i only got 1 B+!! 1! in science and the rest were all As! right now i am doing my sciece project. it is to see if water freezes faster than milk. i thought water would freeze faster than milk but surprisgly milk was more frozen than water!
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