Tomorrow is the winter break!!! Today we had a Christmas party. In the party u have to wrap a present and u cant write your name on it. Then u have to wait until u get called up and when u do u choose 1 present. I was the last 1 and guess what i got? wrapped in black paper was a little piece of paper that said 'Happy Easter' with 2 long pieces of pink SOMETHING! and also if u don't bring a gift u cant get a gift so i bet the person just brought that to school to get a present. : ( But tomorrow is winter break!!!!!!!!!!!!

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SSA! It snowed!!! For a few days i thought it would never snow!!! Since my mom goes to work at 5am, today my dad went. I woke up hearing something about snow. So i jumped out of my bed and looked out the window. There was snow everywhere!!! Then my mom told me to go to sleep but i was wide awake so i brushed and went down and here i am writing on my blog at 6:30 in the morning 30 minutes after our school's principle called saying that although today was supposed to a half day school will start at 10:00am. Mom says i cant sled before school though. :(
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