SSA! My brother is about to take off for reno!!! Here's things that is going to be diffrent when he comes: room diffrent (clean hopefully for 12 hours) More running around the house
more toys (from singapore)
more watching him play computer
more smell from axe
more playing with bikes (yay)
more playing table soccer
more predending to be horses
maybe more early getting up (for school)
And thats SOME things that will change.
don't post a comment on his blog that i wrote this.
i want to show him after a week.Lol

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SSA! My mom and veerji are going to come back from india tomorrrow!
(american time) In the school store my dad gave me 20 dollars. I spent
half the money on his thing. he's on the enternet right now so im not
writing what it is.

this is i think NOW (not the date up) the third week he's here. He lost all the micro planes i
bought him. Mad it lasted 2 days. all the planes are in my back yard.(and front)

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SSA! My mom is going to India today and will come back in ten days with my brother. I have
to stay in my uncles house. i have to hurry up now because i have school. SSA!
I'll write more in 4:00.
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