Candidates are desperate....
Obama came to our city of reno today! Look at this article. I added a few 'comments' at the bottom

RENO, Nev. – In a scramble to lock up the West, Democrat Barack Obama mocked John McCain on Saturday for trying to distance himself from fellow Republican President Bush. McCain touted his Western ties and countered that Obama is a tax-and-spend threat to the nation.

Ten days before the election, both candidates were targeting a trio of states — Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico — that could determine the presidency if the race ends tight.

Obama riffed off his theme of lumping McCain with the unpopular president of his own party. McCain, an Arizona senator, has more aggressively blamed Bush's leadership lately for the country's woes, and the line of attack may be giving McCain some traction among remaining undecided voters.

"John McCain attacking George Bush for his out-of-hand economic policy is like Dick Cheney attacking George Bush for his go-it-alone foreign policy," Obama said. The Democrat said Bush must not mind the criticism, because he cast his vote early this week — for McCain.

As the front-running Obama campaigned at a baseball stadium, McCain was at an outdoor rally at the New Mexico state fairgrounds in Albuquerque. The Arizona Republican claimed a home-court edge in crucial battleground states in the region, calling himself "a fellow
(full article yahoo.com)

Bush must be saying "oops" :) See full speech of obama at rgj.com
It is a time for change:)
GO FOR OBAMA!!! (ok, mccain is old, if he dies any time during presidency, you do NOT want palin to lead this countary with a thousand dollar shirt on while saying she is middle class:)
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