ssa! I'm trying to play a song called stairway to heaven on the piano. And since i dont have the music for it, i'm trying to look for the easy music to play on the internet. And i cant read tabs.
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more camera stuff
My brothers actually reading!!!!!!
About 10 mins later
( he wasnt faking it!!)
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I finally got a camera!! I wanted 1 for so longgggggg. i like to take pictures of scenery in reno.(i carefully avoid power lines) I took these pics in the car and the last 1 in the bathroom.

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sorry i havnt been on for so long,
i had to go to school and stuff + my brother is here so he hogs the computer:)
ive been browsing the internet and stuff and i found a really good website about news and the earth and global warming and stuff here is the url http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032493/
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