Inspirational story about 3 days ago
3 days ago i was watching a bunch of spritual/inspirational videos and i decided that i want to live my life like this, like a 'hard core sikh'(credits to my brother). I thought about setting my alarm at around 6 am clock but later forgot. The next morning i woke up at almost exactly 5:30 am! NO alarm. I thought "this is Something"! So i took a cold shower much against my will and sat down and started saying the mool mantra. Pretty soon i was concentrating really hard, really thinking about the words and its meaning. Then when i started doing it around the 6th time something strange started happening. During each verse, a small yellow light with a blue hole grew bigger and bigger 'in' my sight(my eyes were closed) then immetiatly grew small after the verse was done. I was amazed. Yesterday I was listening to the gurbani in the harminder sahib on the tv but strangely i couldn't concentrate. Today a similar thing happened like the first day, i was sitting down and praying and after the second time saying the mool mantra a beautiful pink light was 'filling' my sight while my eyes were closed during each verse. I concluded technology is disturbing your concentration. Amazing
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